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"You no longer have the right to speak my name nor the right to look at me."
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Noblesse, Trump, Tower of God, One Last God Kubera, TAL, DICE, Girls of the Wild's, The God of Highschool
Hi! Could you tell me your top 10 webtoons?

in no particular order:

  • Noblesse
  • TAL
  • Trump
  • Kubera
  • Girls of the Wild
  • Tower of God
  • Black Haze
  • Lessa (both seasons c:)
  • A Thousand Years Ninetails
  • Crepuscule

at the moment, i’m alternately reading My Heart is Beating, Killer Stall, God of Bath, A Fairytale for the Demon Lord

accepting webtoon requests !!

ONE LAST GOD: K U B E R A  »requested by rooj75
"For her own sake, it would have been better to run. From my brother… and from me."

Dr. Crombel's first appearance: Chapter 54

You’re welcome. It’s not the first time.

Yes, Master.
Those kids have nothing to do with me. Who cares if they die or not? Just because I temporarily had a peaceful life doesn't mean I should be sentimental... I have to carry on my comrades' will... no matter the cost or method.